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I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2016 with a degree in Film Scoring, and have since contributed music to numerous short films and other projects. In 2017, I composed and performed music for the original play [LOVE GIRLS], which introduced me to the exciting world of theatre, and I have since worked as music director on various musicals and other productions.

As a composer, I have an ear for the unique and a penchant for creating new and original sounds for each project I work on. Research is a huge part of my work, as garnering influence and technique from a wide range of musical sources is invaluable to the creative process. Ultimately, however, my goal is always to help the filmmaker achieve their vision and I work tirelessly until that vision is realized.

As a performer, I've lent my musical voice to a wide range of musical projects, including as touring guitarist for pop-punk/emo phenom Darro and pianist for the ongoing concert series Cabaret Y'all. I'm currently focusing on my work as half of the electronic pop duo comfort levels as a producer and songwriter.

In all that I do, I'm obsessed with music's ability to express feelings and tell stories. Whether composing music for a film, music directing a musical, or performing on stage, I take a highly collaborative approach, as any creative project is only as strong as the communication between its creators. I'm constantly grateful for the opportunity to share ideas and build things with so many talented individuals.

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